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 About our Affiliate Program


Sign Up to Make 8% in Commission!!

When you refer customers to our site and they purchase from Resale Craze, you will earn a generous 8% commission for EVERY sale that occurs within 180 DAYS!  As an incentive your visitors will benefit too, by receiving an additional 5% off their entire bill.


Participation in the Resale Craze Affiliate Program is free, quick, and easy!  Simply complete the application and, once approved, place the banner links that we provide on your website.  Or for non-website owners we provide a personalized URL, that you can e-mail or distribute to your friends, family members, etc. 

We handle all the details from order placement, shipping products and customer service, while you just sit back and rake in the cash.


So you might be wondering........

How much money do I have to earn before I am eligible to receive a commission?

Once your balance reaches $25 you are able to receive your commission payment. Commissions are paid once a month, on the 28th of each month.   Commissions are paid by PayPal and only by PayPal.

How will my referrals be tracked?

•  For internet based referrals, we use tracking device known as a cookie. The cookie is a small data file generated when your customer clicks on the affiliate link and it records the ID of the affiliate responsible for the referral. This file is then deposited into the visitor's browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.), effectively "tagging" the visitor as belonging to that affiliate.

•     For non internet based referrals, we will provide you a personalized affiliate URL.  You can provide this personalized URL to your customers and ask them to use this URL link when accessing the site.   

**To entice your customers, we can provide a unique coupon code that will give your customers 5% of their entire bill.

Do need to send in a W-9 form in order to get paid?

If you will earn at least $600 in commissions (as an affiliate) in a calendar year, you must send us a completed W-9 form. U.S. corporations do not need to send in a W-9 form. To download a copy of the W-9 form, please visit www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf 

How do I post a banner on my site?

To post a banner on your web site follow these simple steps:
•  Log in to your affiliate account.
•  Choose one of the promo materials.
•  Copy the link in the box under the banner(s) you like and paste it directly onto your web page. 



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