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Consignment Terms:

All consigned authentic "designer" merchandise must be delivered to Resale in excellent condition and must be of the highest quality, cleaned and “ready to sell.”  Consignor must disclose to Resale Craze, prior to the acceptance of merchandise, any and all flaws, damage, and/or alterations to the merchandise.  In cases where damage or alterations are not disclosed, Resale Craze reserves the right to terminate the consignment agreement at any time and without notice.



If we have even the slightest doubt about the authenticity of an item, we will ask the consignor to provide an original receipt.  If you can not provide the receipt, we will return the item for a $10 charge, or will be destroyed or discarded. We love each designer and strive hard to preserve the brand name!



This consignment agreement shall have a term of 120 days from the date of acceptance of all Consignor merchandise and as approved by Resale Craze.  Resale Craze reserves the right to return any and all merchandise to Consignor prior to the expiration of the consignment agreement period and for any reason.  The consignment agreement may be terminated by the Consignor prior to the expiration of the consignment agreement with five (5) days written notice.  Should any merchandise remain unsold at the end of the consignment period or if the consignment period is terminated by either party, Resale Craze will return your items upon request only, at the expense of the Consignor.  Items that are not claimed within seven (7) days following the end of the consignment period will, without notice, become the property of Resale.  Consignors will not be paid for items sold after the claim date.



Resale Craze and Consignor will mutually agree on price before any merchandise is made available for sale.  Final sale prices will be determined based on style, condition, and market demand of merchandise. 



Once your item sells, we will submit payment to your designated PayPal account. Or you may choose to accept payment in the form of a Resale Craze gift.  If you decide to receive your payment in the form of a gift certificate, we’ll issue you a credit for 80% of the selling price. 


To consign with Resale Craze, please CLICK HERE  

*By clicking on this link you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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